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Summerside Xchange:
the most unique start-up accelerator program Prince Edward Island has ever known

A program that helps international start-ups find the best resources North America has to offer in terms of both establishing and scaling their companies, Summerside Xchange provides real-life testing and experimentation opportunities for start-ups to ensure that they are 100% prepared and successful in their future funds-securing efforts.

In short? Summerside Xchange is a one-stop growth shop for innovative start-ups that are looking to add value to the city of Summerside (and North America at large!) with our offerings.


The Summerside Challenge Program are issues that the City of Summerside would like to resolve using open innovation methods and partnering with innovation-driven businesses in providing solutions to specific technology challenges that the City has identified as worthy of finding solutions. You can find the current Challenges here.
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Validation from industry experts and thought leaders
Opportunity to pilot your start-up’s offerings in a real-world environment with world-class infrastructure
Space to experiment via our state-of-the-art Living Lab Facility, which is free to use for the duration of the program and touts ample office and lab space
Mentoring from a wide array of professional networks
Investment possibility courtesy of our team at the city of Summerside and our investor partners
Catch our panel at the Virtual Island Summit next Thursday

We'll be discussing the role of accelerators in building resilience in islands and showcasing our work at the Xchange.

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How can building an entrepreneur Accelerator program help the resilience of island territories?

This session will feature case studies on how to use open innovation methods and partner with innovation-driven businesses in providing solutions to specific technology challenges in climate change, blue economy and sustainable development. Island Innovation is launching a new course to help island stakeholders to get their innovation ecosystem boosted! 

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connective touch®
“Taking this technology onto a global stage was a difficult task, but Summerside made this an easy and streamlined process.” Devi Sohanta, founder of Connective Touch
The Summerside Xchange leverages the state of the art facilities and resources of Summerside’s Living Lab. Many successful partnerships have emerged from the Living Lab, and the Summerside Xchange will build on these stories and create new ones. All Xchange portfolio companies will have access to office and lab space and everything the Living Lab has to offer.

One of the most renowned success stories from the Living Lab is Connective Touch, an innovative UK-based biometric technology company that was, at the start of 2020, preparing to launch their products to international markets by first establishing themselves in North American households.

By choosing to make our city of Summerside, PEI, their home, Connective Touch reduced the risks of expansion by establishing cost certainties, improving returns, and easing the transition of their start-up in a new market.
Affordable Heating and Cooling for Your Home or Small Business
stash energy
“Summerside’s Living Lab Program has allowed us to accelerate our Research and Development phase, enabled us to get to market quicker and facilitated validation for us to raise crucial capital as we ramp up production. Having access to expertise and critical infrastructure in Summerside enabled us to build market credibility and test, refine and develop our products in an accelerated and market accepted fashion.” Jordan Kennie, Chief Executive Officer Stash Energy
Electric Utility companies around the globe understand the core problem with managing demand: electricity demand fluctuates throughout the day, with peaks in usage in the morning and early evening. To manage these fluctuations, utilities need to run more generating stations, which significantly increases operating costs, requires more investment in new infrastructure and increases C02 emissions. Summerside's Electric Utility, which has the same level of sophistication as utilities across the globe, faces these challenges on a daily basis and finds ways to innovate and further the adoption and adaptation of PEI's grid system as its core strategic focus.
Enter Stash Energy and a partnership with The City of Summerside and their Living Lab Program, which became the genesis of their newfound market acceptance.

Fast-forward to Spring 2018 and with solid test results and mentoring from the City, Stash has reached another milestone: an envisioned outcome of the lab program with another round of equity investment from Island Capital Partners of $250,000 and an additional $250,000 from New Brunswick Innovation Foundation (NBIF) to further full-scale production of their Stash M1 Comfort System.

Summerside Xchange’s
Strategic Partners

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We here at Summerside Xchange are continuously striving to build long-term partnerships in order to create success stories out of start-ups just like yours. If you are interested in collab orating with us
in any way, shape, or form
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