Cambridge Cleantech and Summerside, Prince Edward Island Investment Online Seminar

Event — Online seminar on April 28, 2022
Time — 16:00–17:20 GMT Time
Destination Canada — Scaling up your Cleantech Innovation in Summerside Prince Edward Island Canada


Who are the organizers?

City of Summerside Economic Development. With over 70% of our City’s energy coming from our renewable sources (wind/solar) and owning a municipal electric utility, Summerside is an ideal go-to-market partner in testing, validating and commercializing clean technologies. Summerside understands the challenges companies face when looking to grow. Empowering open infrastructure, customer insight and commercialization support systems offered through the Summerside Living Lab and Summerside Xchange Business Accelerator are making the City a location of choice for companies with cleantech solutions, looking to expand to North America.  Summerside Economic Development and its team of professionals have a global track record of success in helping companies make more money and access new markets.

Cambridge Cleantech connects innovators, corporates, academics, SMEs and investors for a smarter, more sustainable future. As a leading membership organization, we are a powerful catalyst in the cleantech sector responding to global sustainability challenges.

Members of Cambridge — Our members are our success stories and we couldn’t be more proud of them! Our 300+ active members form a powerful network that is shaping the future of the cleantech sector. They range from large industry and academic players to high-growth start-ups which are driving leading-edge cleantech solutions for a smarter, more sustainable future.

Clean Tech Defined — Clean technology, in short cleantech, is any process, product, or service that reduces negative environmental impacts through significant energy efficiency improvements, the sustainable use of resources, or environmental protection activities. Clean technology includes a broad range of technology related to recycling, renewable energy, information technology, green transportation, electric motors, green chemistry, lighting, greywater, and more. Environmental finance is a method by which new clean technology projects can obtain financing through the generation of carbon credits. A project that is developed with concern for climate change mitigation is also known as a carbon project.

Summerside’s Goals

— To share our commercialization experiences in cleantech space (Wind, Solar, Battery, Heating/Cooling Innovation)
​— To create awareness of the opportunities in Summerside/PEI/Canada in the Clean Tech Space and showcase what’s happening here
​— To share the Provinces new Path towards Net Zero Plan to show companies that PEI is serious about growing Cleantech and then how Summerside can capture investment
​— To promote our Clean Tech Investments – Wind, Solar, Battery, Heating/Cooling, Eco Park, Net Zero Buildings etc.
​— To share our story of trying to grow cleantech investment and business in Summerside to open up conversations with UK based enterprises that may be considering NA as a place to expand and using Summerside as a home base/beachhead to do so
​— To generate specific connections with companies that are aligned with our ambitions, that are looking to invest and expand in North America and allow us to compete as that location for their growth – bringing investment and jobs to Summerside/PEI

Key Envisioned Outcomes and Format

The agenda is scheduled to run for approximately 1 h 20 min. Our goal is to take this from a Canadian, Provincial and Municipal perspective and intertwine it with real examples of how Summerside Living Lab and Summerside Xchange have helped to facilitate a pathway for companies to commercialize cleantech solutions.
We are envisioning a round table session with each speaker being allotted a set time and then opening up to the audience for a more fulsome Q&A. Each speaker we envision starts with about 5 minutes total to discuss their respective topics.

Key Speakers for Event

Megan Wood of Trade Commissioner Clean Technologies High Commission of Canada London UK. Megan will cover an overview of the cleantech landscape in Canada and highlight the investment opportunities

Derek Ellis Director of Sustainability Division Department of Environment Prince Edward Island – Derek will provide an in-depth overview of PEI’s pathway towards Net Zero and investment opportunities as PEI leading and most aggressive Net Zero Strategy in Canada

Dr. Maciej Karczewski CEO of Polish Based WindTak Technologies – Dr. Karczewski will share his journey from Poland to Summerside and his experience with working with Summerside as their commercialization gateway to North American business opportunities

Devashish​ Paul CEO of BluWave-Ai – Dev will share his experience from a Canadian perspective on doing business in Summerside and leading to multiple international contracts

Michael Thususka, City of Summerside Prince Edward Island – Mike will articulate the track record of clean tech growth and Foreign Direct Investment in cleantech in Summerside as well as highlight specific collaboration opportunities for North American Clean Tech Companies in the UK

Allan Smith, Chief Innovation Officer – Summerside Xchange – Allan will provide insights and an overview of Summerside’s newest Accelerator Program and show companies how they can succeed in North America


Prepare your questions for speakers to explore how to do business in North America.

If you offer cleantech solutions and want to expand your business in North America, then this seminar is for you!


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