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Different From
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Summerside Xchange is uniquely based on providing real-life testing and experimentation environments in which start-ups, companies, researchers, and developers work directly with us here at the community of Summerside and its infrastructure to advance product testing, development, and integration in a real-world setting.

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Through Summerside Xchange, start-ups will enter our “accelerator environment” for a fixed period of intense, rapid, and immersive education. The result? Speeding up the life cycle of their companies (and their offerings!) by compressing years of learning-and-doing into just a few short months. After all, why try and fail in the real-life market when you could test and succeed in Summerside Xchange?

If you are an early-stage company, we want to partner with you!

Prospective applicants should have at least one working prototype to apply; this is to ensure that they are best-positioned to take advantage of the resources that the city of Summerside has to offer.

As the goal of our program is to increase the adoption of innovative next-generation technologies (and accelerate their deployment at scale), we recruit clients from local, regional, and global start-up ecosystems and also have assembled a team of support providers, local entrepreneurs, venture capital firms, university research labs, and industry bodies to ensure that successful applicants have support networks all around the globe.

While we accept start-ups from most disciplines, we are particularly interested in innovative solutions within the following areas:

  • Electric storage and grid Integration
  • Electric vehicles
  • EV car charger solutions with battery storage
  • Security and surveillance
  • Appliance control
  • Residential environmental controls
  • Smart home innovation
  • Medical home care solutions
  • Solar energy integration
  • Biofuel from waste
  • Advanced IT development
  • Interoperability for big data

What Will You Get?

Validation and Low-Risk Experimentation
Do you have your MVP but are not sure if it works in a real-life setting? Summerside Xchange directly lowers this risk by permitting successful applicants to tap into our city’s existing infrastructure in order to conduct research, interviews, and experimentation to fine-tune their products ahead of launch.
“First Customer” Opportunities
Do you already have a validated product but are struggling to deploy it in a real-life setting? If so, we here at the city of Summerside are here to help you work alongside firms in order to use budget displacement or third-party seed funding to support “first customer” opportunities!
Innovative Workspaces
Are you seeking an innovative workspace that encourages experimentation? Summerside is a small but innovative city with a significant enabling infrastructure that encourages the growth of companies just like yours.
Business Development
Are you on the lookout for business development opportunities? We have a significant knowledge base in the form of case studies on the green economy, tech, and collaboration of enterprises that successful applicants can learn from and build on.
A Stakeholder Network
Do you wish you had a network of key decision makers? Look no further than our team here at Summerside Xchange, who provide access to key decision makers (such as like-minded lawyers, accountants, and industry experts) with quick turnaround times.
How Does
the Summerside
As Summerside Xchange is a highly-hands on program, we take on only a select few start-ups per year. While the program length varies from 3 to 6 months depending on the successful applicant’s needs, applicants are accepted on a rolling basis yearly.

Because it needs to be ensured that the start-ups participating in Summerside Xchange also align with the goals of Summerside city and its Living Lab, the successful applicants need to be eligible to all programs offered by Summerside.

Have further

Reach out to the Summerside Xchange team at


Here is our application process:

Application Complete our short intake form
Interview Selected start-ups are then invited for a virtual interview
Due Diligence Summerside Xchange evaluates each startups alongside our Board and may request further documentation or technology as we identify possible pilot opportunities.
Acceptance Startups accepted into the program are invited to Summerside and will receive hands-on support throughout their pilot projects (a maximum of 6 months)
Demo Day Twice a year, Summerside Xchange organizes a Demo Day to showcase its start-ups and their projects. We invite top VC’s prepared to invest in their sectors
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