Work at the Speed of Innovation with the Summerside Xchange

In 2021, building on the experience and success of Living Lab, the City of Summerside formed the Summerside Xchange, a private-public sector collaboration to enhance support for early to mid-stage companies through their commercialization and expansion journey and to expedite growth through rapid product development, mentorship and financing. 

Compressing years of learning-by-doing into just a few months

Start-ups and existing companies working on new products enter accelerator environments for a fixed period of intense, rapid and immersive learnings aimed at speeding up their product development cycle to commercialization by up to 3X, which is the time to introduce new products and services with a “learning-by-doing” with rapid cycles of learning with in-field market research and/or pilot customers.
The unique Summerside Xchange program is based on real-life test and experimentation environments in which start-ups, existing companies, researchers and developers work directly with the community and its infrastructure to advance product testing, development and integration in a real-world, “learning- by- doing” setting. It is a unique, professional accelerator that is currently the main driver of Summerside’s leadership in both innovation and sustainability.

Stimulating research, development and commercialization

To provide such environments, the City of Summerside has developed an innovative ecosystem based on global best practices, leveraging the community’s unique infrastructure, key information communication technology assets, and bringing together keenly aligned stakeholders and like-minded partners.  This environment is one in which people and technology are brought together in an open and collaborative manner, stimulating and encouraging research, development, innovation and, ultimately, commercialization.  

Benefits all ‘round

1. Help early-stage businesses bridge the gap from validated product idea to repeatable revenue
2. Help client companies attract investments to fuel their growth
3. Attract companies to locate operations in Summerside
4. Support North American networks and market access
Summerside has unique assets and experience that tailor themselves specially to helping companies in the following industries:
• Electric Storage and Grid Integration
• Electric Vehicles (including Bus and Passenger Vehicle)
• Electric Car Charger Solutions with Battery Storage
• V2G Testing and Integration
• Security and Surveillance
• Renewables – solar and wind farm innovations
• Appliance Control
• Residential Environmental Controls
• Smart Home Innovation
• Medical Home Care Solutions
• AI Applications
• Solar Energy Integration
• Biofuel from Waste
• Advanced IT Development
• Interoperability for Big Data
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