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Our Mission

Our mission here at Summerside Xchange is to anchor, support, and foster early-to-mid-stage companies through a combination of physical and program support. All types of support are designed to exponentially grow the entrepreneurial, immigration, and start-up climate here in Summerside.

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Our Background

Summerside Xchange is a program backed by the city of Summerside. Because Summerside aims to establish itself as a global leader in advancing, testing, and analyzing data for next-generation start-ups and communities, we here at Summerside do not develop or create products; rather, we provide a unique platform for product development through programs such as this one.

Our Difference

Summerside Xchange acts as a business development service provider for not only Canadian start-ups, but international start-ups arriving in Summerside in order to successfully scale their businesses to a global level. The uniqueness of Summerside Xchange lies in its extended network of thought leaders and industry experts through its collaboration with global accelerator initiatives and the Smart Landing Program.

Our Efforts

We here at Summerside Xchange endeavor to make a better, more structured, and more programmatic use of the existing local resources and infrastructure that the city of Summerside offers, both within the public and private sectors. We strive to attract technologies and capital from around the globe in order to create more jobs, new companies, and investment in key infrastructure in Summerside long-term.

Mike Thususka Ec.D.

Michael Thususka is a certi­fied Econo­mic Deve­lopment Practi­tioner and is Dire­ctor of Econo­mic Develo­pment for the City of Summer­side, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Mike has been working in the field of Eco­nomic Develo­pment for the past 26 years, 20 of which have been with the City of Summer­side. Mike curre­ntly sits on the Natio­nal Economic Developers Associ­ation Board of Direc­tors and is Past Presi­dent of the Associa­tion.

Ron Sege

Ron Sege is an Opera­ting Part­ner at BGV. Ron has more than 37 years of opera­ting expe­rience with disrup­tive offerings in the Enter­prise IT market, in estab­lished public compa­nies and venture­backed start-ups. He has extensive cross-border mana­gement expe­rience, mana­ging opera­tions in China, UK, Conti­nental Europe and Israel. Ron also specia­lizes in go-to-market stra­tegy and tactics, having star­ted his career in Field Opera­tions at ROLM Corpo­ration and 3Com.

David Maasz

David is a reti­red internet/­digital serial entrep­reneur, tur­ned angel inves­tor with a glo­bal health, food and tech port­folio. David has 25 years of expe­rience buil­ding compa­nies and mana­gement teams from scratch and ta­king them to inter­national suc­cess, and 15 years as an inves­tor in early stage ven­tures, hel­ping them to enter glo­bal mar­kets, raise capi­tal and grow. As the founder of Entrep­reneurship Founda­tion Hun­gary, David is the crea­tive mind be­hind the Hun­garian govern­ment's INPUT Prog­ram, which is recog­nized by the United Nations as a ‘Global Best Prac­tice Program’ for foste­ring the inno­vation eco­system.

Mary Alcantara

Mary Alcan­tara is a star­tup cham­pion and staunch suppor­ter of cross-­border inno­vation. She is a foun­ding part­ner of tandem LEAP, a busi­ness mana­gement com­pany with offices in Budapest and New York City. A key player in the Hunga­rian start-up eco­system, she has consul­ted and mento­red for many of Budapest's lea­ding incu­bation and acce­lerator prog­rams and is a foun­ding member of the Hunga­rian Busi­ness Angel Network. Mary is currently ser­ving as Accelerator-in-Residence at INPUT, a Hungarian govern­ment prog­ram that sup­ports star­t-ups with inter­national mar­ket expan­sion.

Jeffery Cormier

Jeff is a lawyer with Key Murray Law in Prince Edward Island.  Jeff is regu­larly sought out for his exper­tise on legal inno­vation, and he’s never too busy to work through prob­lems and cons­truct crea­tive solu­tions. For many clients, Jeff is the first stop for all legal ma­tters, pro­viding unfilte­red strate­gic advice on busi­ness matters of all kinds. In all matters, Jeff’s emphasis is squa­rely on the ongoing suc­cess of his client’s business. His approach is always to find the right answer to the busi­ness prob­lem at hand.

Jason Aspin

Jason Aspin co-­founded Aspin Kemp & Asso­ciates (AKA) in 1996. Since gra­duating in ma­rine enginee­ring from the Cana­dian Coast Guard College in 1987, he has specia­lized in power engi­neering and sys­tems integ­ration and built over 30 years of prog­ressive expe­rience in sys­tems enginee­ring in the Industrial, Marine, and Offshore environ­ments. As an inno­vator, he dedi­cates his time to desi­gning solu­tions which are both socia­lly and environ­mentally respon­sible with a fo­cus on impro­ving relia­bility for mission cri­tical sys­tems while redu­cing the carbon emmi­sions asso­ciated with opera­tions.

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